Ready…. To run? Let’s understand and learn what to eat while preparing for the marathon!
It is essential to eat well and nutritious meal while preparing for the marathon. Nutritious and healthy food is very important for the runners. Let me list some food for you which are good for runners. The right food and right timings is important to boost the performance of the runner. Start your nutritional plan week before the run. Most important thing to eat while planning a run, carbohydrates and proteins are important to be taken in your diet.
Carbohydrates are important in the body as fuel in a car, as it helps to store energy in the body and “carb loading” is very important for a person running for a marathon.
Protein- protein is used for energy and to repair the tissues damaged during training. Good protein is really important like eggs, chicken, fish, milk, beans, nuts, whole grains.

1. Oat- oatmeal is very good if you want to go for a run as it is high in carbohydrates and high in fiber, this gives rise to the blood sugar levels and keeps the energy for a longer period of time. For breakfast oatmeal is a good option.
2 .Bananas- high carbohydrate energy booster for the body. It helps to boost energy and provides nutrients like magnesium to the body. Helps to prevent muscle cramp.
3. Broccoli- it helps to provide calcium and folic acid and vitamin K to the body, which strengths up the bones.
4. Yogurt- is a perfect source of essential amino acids. It has both carbohydrates and proteins which they provide to the body. Boosts the immunity of the body.
5. Potatoes – rich in potassium and antioxidants, this strengthens your bone tissue.
6. Avocados- high in fiber and good fat, well for running.
7. Berries- blueberries, raspberries and blackberries they are full of antioxidants.
8. Egg and chicken- to provide protein to the diet, one can add chicken and egg to the diet.
9. Chia-seeds- perfect source of omega-3 fatty acids. Chis seeds can be taken in the morning, in salads and in smoothies.
10. Dark chocolate- craving for something sweet, one can opt for dark chocolate and it releases the stress levels of a person.