The Three Bears General Store in Pigeon Forge is an ideal spot where you can easily find anything you want, from food, jewelry and candy, to clothes, novelties, and much more. The store has a live bear habitat where individuals can watch and even feed real bears. There is so much to do and buy at this store than anywhere else in Pigeon Forge. At this store, you will enjoy the best Pigeon Forge attractions for the whole family.

The Three Bears General Store was established in Pigeon Forge in the year 1979. The store provides 40,000 square feet of shopping bliss in the Smoky Mountains. The store is in close proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Gatlinburg. When you plan to visit the Smoky Mountains, make sure that you check out the Three Bears General Store for a unique and authentic experience.

The Three Bears General Store is the only Pigeon Forge shop where vacationers can see and even feed bears all through the day and at their convenience. The store is open from 10.a.m every day until dusk and it is an ideal spot for people of all ages. The bear habitat found at the Three Bears General Store is an excellent way of spending time enjoying the sight of black bears and other Pigeon Forge attractions without the need to hike through the cold mountains.

Children will also enjoy the unique Make-UR-Bear Factory where they can build a bear in Pigeon Forge and buy accessories and outfits that they love. The interactive session of building your own animal experience will surely put a smile on the face of everyone. The possibilities are endless at the Make-UR-Bear Factory.

Admission to the bear habitat usually costs only $3.25 per individual and is free for kids under 2 years. If you want to feed the black bears, then you will buy food at $1.25 and safely feed the bears using chutes. The bears can be seen throughout the day. However, they have special feeding hours. The feeding hours are 10.00am to noon, 3.00 to 4.00pm, and 7.00 to 8.00pm.

Stop over at the Three Bears General Store during the feeding hours to visit and even feed the bears or build a bear in Pigeon Forge from scratch. This affordable vacationing spot will be one of the fun memories for your family’s trip to the Smoky Mountains.

About Three Bears General Store

The Three Bears General Store is an original Pigeon Forge destination established in 1979. The store is located at the foothills of the renowned Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Three Bears General Store is a 40,000 square feet store that is a shopping paradise for every shopper. The store offers fun activities and spots for the whole family and a wide range of quality products like Amish jams, jellies, moonshine water, handmade fudge, and more than 555 unique Smoky Mountain Souvenirs.

Contact Information

Address: 2861 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN. 37863 US

Phone Number: 865-453-2775