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The term digital printing clearly shows us that it is a modern technology that has come into existence to replace offset printing. Printing has been existed a long time ago and has been used as an important medium for various walks of life and business. The process of printing has been gradually modified step by step to decrease the hard comings of large quantity print. As the business ventures start growing up day by day, they have understood the potential of printing service for their marketing strategies. This has led to the introduction of digital printing technology to succeed in the drawbacks of traditional printing techniques.

Digital Printing v/s Traditional Printing:

Over the years the customer preferences have changed and more customization is required in order to satisfy their needs. This can be achievable through digital printing, where the content can be customized by choosing a large range of colors and designs by software tools whereas it is not possible in offset printing.

A digital and offset print is used for the same purpose and produces the same output but the working structure between these two prints is entirely different. The offset print uses large printing plates and rubber blanket to ink the image on the printing surface. They are very much useful for larger prints but require more mechanical installations and maintenance. The quality of the print is less due to the lack of color toner.

Digital printing involves the adjustment of colors and designs by software applications to tone the required amount of color for a particular print. Mostly they are used for short running prints and gives accurate images with great quality. The maintenance is less compared to offset printing and is considered as the affordable print option.

About Marlin Graphics:

Marlin Graphics is a prominent print and graphic design service helping various business owners to market their products and services. They have a track record of successful printing experience among the customers and business owners. Their technicians are skilled and bring up many concept arts and designs. They provide customized services as required from clients within the scheduled time. Marlin Graphics strives to deliver quality service with great commitment to satisfy its customers. To know more about their services and products visit,


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