San Francisco – February, 2019 – The question of whether Yoga can substitute strength training has been going around for quite some time. This gives rise to another question – Why compare the two practices? It is because both focus on strengthening, toning, and aligning the body and mind. Both practices can build muscular strength but there are some differences.

Strength Training and Yoga

Strength training refers to physical exercises that use the body’s resistance to build overall strength, boost cardiac function and increase endurance. Typical strength training uses various weight training equipment such as a barbell, dip bar, power rack, etc. But yoga is a practice that focuses on complete well-being of the body. It uses body weight instead of some weight training equipment.

Why Both?

Regardless of whether strength training and Yoga are alike or distinct, combining both practices can provide the best results.

For example, your hamstrings support the whole body. Yoga nourishes the hamstrings with poses or asanas while the machine workout can hurt the knees and thigh bones. Yoga, on the other hand, allows the hamstrings to be stretched completely naturally as well as heal the upper legs by generating warmth in them. Machines can’t be adjusted for individual uniqueness, whereas Yoga asanas offer the freedom to strengthen your muscles to a good extent by pushing personal limits.


Yoga is a complete workout not only for body but also the mind and soul. It helps all three aspects of life – physical, mental, and emotional. While the poses in Yoga target the physical body, mindful practices such as meditation and Yoga Nidra benefit the mind and the soul.


Yoga is a most relaxing practice. Each pose in yoga is followed by a relaxation posture that allows the body and mind to prepare for the next training. Weight training is often tiring since the focus is to push the body beyond personal limits. However, Yoga is a celebration of your potential, from a holistic standpoint.

Strength and flexibility

If you are looking for the perfect combination of strength and flexibility, you should make Yoga an integral part of life. Yoga asanas or poses are all about movement, which is not the case with weight training.

However, this is not to say that strength training has no benefits. Let strength training build a muscular and fibrous framework while Yoga facilitates a pliant and fast-paced body design with Yoga asanas.

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