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Gold Coast digestive Health is a certified Health clinic in Gold Coast, Queensland. They are the best treatment service provider for digestive disorder, diagnosis, and health practices. Natasha Martin is a certified naturopathic physician. She is specialized in digestive health and has achieved good results with her previous patients. They are serving in the health industry for the last 16 years with positive results from the patients. They are well- trained and make use of integrative medicine in the treatment process to control the physical and mental health of the patients. Integrative medicine helps to address the broad range of physical, mental, spiritual and mental health of the person that affects health.

Integrative medicine and its principle

Integrative medicine attempts to heal, and maintain health and wellness over a person’s life by knowing the patient’s individual set of conditions and addressing the physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental forces that affect health. Integrative medicine is not like the alternative medicine. Alternative medicine refers to the treatment, using conventional therapies and complementary medicine refers to heal the problem using the complement allopathic methods.

The principle of integrative medicine is, practitioners and the patients should work together. Practitioners in Gold Coast Digestive Health treat the patient in a friendly manner to understand their thoughts and involve them in the treatment process. They consider all factors that affect health, wellness, and diseases including the body, mind, and soul.

Their practitioners use all healing method to promote the body’s natural healing response. They also make use of effective invasions that is natural and less harmful are used whenever possible. Besides the theory of treatment, the general concepts of health promotion and the prevention of disease are predominant.

About Gold Coast Digestive Health:

Gold Coast Digestive Health is a licensed health clinic in Ashmore, Gold Coast. They are having experienced practitioners to offer quality treatment services to their patients. Natasha Martin is a naturopathic physician with 16 years of experience in the health industry. She also completed 4 years of medical practice for integrative medicine. They also offer other medical services like integrative consultation, microscopic screening, DNA testing, and Pyrrole testing. To know more information on integrative medicine, visit

13 Kurrambee Avenue
Ashmore, QLD 4214
Phone: 07 5676 5076