by Sylvia Browder | Dec 7, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A small leak coming from your bathroom or kitchen sink is not uncommon, however, many homeowners ignore it until they realize that it has gotten worse over time and even seen an increase in their utility bill.

A small problem like this will not take care of itself!

Here are three ways that small leak can become a BIG problem:

1. A small leak can damage floor, walls and anything else it comes in contact with.

Don’t get alarmed as this doesn’t happen overnight. As time passes, standing water can cause irreversible damage. .

2. Moisture is the main culprit to the spread of mold and mildew.

In no time, a small leak can cause the spread of mold, mildew and health related issues. Mold is a health hazard for those living in the house. Molds that cause mildew flourish in damp, warm, poorly lit and circulated areas.

I’ve seen several cases where homeowners selling their homes missed out on potential buyers due to mold issues.

Preventative care is key!

3. A leaking pipe can lead to poor performance.

If you turn on your water and notice something not quite right, it could be a leaking pipe. Unfortunately, if ignored long enough, could cause major issues in your home; such as, poor water quality, warped and stained walls, invasive black mold, and possibly flooding.

A small leak can be a BIG deal… overtime!

If you notice any leaks or changes in how your pipes normally work, simply call us to come to your home, identify the problem, and implement the proper solution. We will take care of your issue(s) and put your mind at ease!

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