A Market Review On Fertilizer Additives And Its Future Market Developments
Fertilizers are synthetic or natural substances which are applied to crops in order to supply the vital nutrients to plants for healthy growth. Fertilizer additives are added to fertilizers in order to improve the quality and stability of fertilizers. Fertilizers have many roles such as retaining of nutrients in the soil, prevents corrosion of any containers, they act as anti-foaming and anti-caking agents.

The Global Fertilizer Additives market is expected to offer lucrative opportunities owing to wide applications of fertilizer additives. Furthermore, growing demand for agro commodities coupled with an increase in demand for high yield crops, growing adoption of technological advancements are expected to propel the growth of fertilizers & manure additives market. Moreover, increase in the expenditure of farmers in the protection of farms, growing pool of the population, rapid increase in global economies, rise in government support are the other factors which are boosting the growth of anticaking fertilizer additives market. However, hazardous environmental factors, strict regulatory framework, the growth of organic fertilizer industry are expected to hamper the growth of the anticaking fertilizer additives market.

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The Global fertilizer Additives Market is divided into following categories-
1. Function
• Dedusting
• Anticaking
• Antifoaming
• Corrosion Inhibitors
• Hydrophobic Agents
• Others
2. Application
• Ammonium Nitrate
• Urea
• Diammonium Phosphate
• Ammonium Sulphate
• Monoammonium Phosphate
• Triple Superphosphate
• Others

3. Form
• Granules
• Prills
• Powder
• Others
And lastly, on the basis of the geographical regions, the global Fertilizer Additives Market have five main regions- Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific, The Middle East & Africa and Europe. Asia Pacific is expected to dominate nitrogen fertilizer additives market owing to growing awareness about the fertilizers usage, rise in farming expenditure, rise in initiatives and support by the government such as incentive schemes and subsidies. North America nitrogen fertilizer additives market is accounted the second largest position in fertilizer & manure additives market owing to the increase in population, technological advancements, and increase in the adaptation of agriculture.
Some of the players in nitrogen fertilizer additives market KAO Corporation (Japan), Clairant (Switzerland), Novochem Group (Netherlands), ArrMaz (U.S.), Amit Trading LTD. (Israel), Filtra Catalysts & Chemicals Ltd. (India), Forbon Technology (China) and Chemipol (Spain).
Fertilizer & manure additives market is expanding at a significant growth rate due to nitrogen is the most vital nutrient for growth of plants, all the fertilizers additives are rich in nitrogen and enhances the nitrogen release from fertilizers. Companies in the anticaking fertilizers additives market are mainly concentrating on nitrogen-based fertilizer additives. Various market players in anticaking fertilizers are focused on the new product developments, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations and geographical expansions in order to improve the product portfolio and strengthen the presence in the global fertilizer additives market.

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