There are many eCommerce platforms available. However, three of the leading eCommerce platforms are

• Magento,
• SAP Hybris
• Demandware

Let us discuss each of them with their suitability.

Magento Web Development

It is one of the leading eCommerce platforms with a large following. It has moved from the eCommerce platform for small businesses to eCommerce platform for large businesses. It can cater to wide-ranging needs and can easily be customized as per requirement. Reasons for choosing this platform can be:

• Customer will have total control over the business
• Is completely secure as far as information is concerned
• Product customization can be easily done by building in-depth modules
• It can be integrated with many services
• There is scope for extensions

Demandware eCommerce

It is a Saas-based platform capable of managing multiple functions. Its merchandising features are very strong with the capability to manage multiple product catalogs and complex product data.

• This platform has strong omnichannel features such as built-in A/B Testing capabilities for merchandising.
• It also possesses some of the native features like multi-currency, multi-language and multi-store capabilities.

SAP eCommerce

This platform has various user-friendly capabilities which can be customized to meet the requirement. It is very easy to launch which would mean integrating the system into production much faster. This has helped it to become a choice of leading organizations like Henkel, Volkswagen etc. Further, it has the capability to combine both B2B and B2C businesses thus enhancing efficient B2B sales with robust B2C capabilities.

• This results in a company improving its delivery of results and facilitating in-house workflow.
• The platform helps in providing the organization with real-time and systemized information regarding current orders and warehouse stock.

Usage of the above eCommerce platforms

• Magento eCommerce has moved from small business to large businesses
• Demandware eCommerce caters to all from small, medium to large businesses
SAP eCommerce development also caters to small, medium and large businesses

In all, it can be said that all three are versatile and have their own share of the market.

It is also important to note that choosing a quality service provider like TechUnido along with the right eCommerce platform, can make wonders for your business.