As one of the best and most reliable door options available in the market today, we recommend Bifold Doors for all property owners and constructors in Australia. We use the highest quality aluminium for doors’ frames; aluminium is a metal that comes with top-class features such as high strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosion. As our previous articles have explained, Bifold Doors is the best door variation for extended exits. Today, we discuss why glass panels the best material option for this unique door type. Well, not only for this door variation; we consider glass panels the best option for our other door products as well.

So, we should discuss all the advantages of glass as material here. As you know, wooden doors completely block your view and natural light. What are the downsides of natural light not entering your home? Yes, to make your home a brighter place; you will keep the lights on even in the daytime. As a result, you get a high energy bill; hence you can’t save money for your future benefit. Installing wooden doors can lead to temperature fluctuations as well during summer and winter. For example, no matter how thick the wooden door is; cold and heat can move through it via conduction. Again, you will have to rely on heaters and air conditioners in winter and summer. These are the reasons for us not to use wooden panels for our Bifold Doors range. Also, a thick wooden board adds a lot of weight on the door frame, in this case. Without using a thick wood panel, we can achieve extra benefits by installing toughened, double-glazed frames and glass panels on our doors range.

Did you know that about 15% of the heat in your home can leak through home’s doors and windows? To prevent this heat leakage, installing glass doors and windows is highly advisable today. Also, you don’t need to worry about heat leaking through the door frame and glass panels here. Every modern Bifold Doors manufacturer now incorporate rubber seals in between the door frame and glass panels to prevent heat/air leakage. At GB, we focus on many factors when manufacturing doors for our clients. Most of our clients are constructors and engineers in the Melbourne region, and they are our loyal and long-term clients.

OK, what you if prefer the door to offer a high level of privacy? As mentioned, wooden boards completely hinder your view means outside individuals can’t see your home’s inside. Don’t worry! You can achieve the same level of privacy with Bifold Doors that come with glass panels as well. We can customize the glass panel according to your preferences and requirements. Tinted, blurred, or patterned are the glass panel options that you got to consider here. Let us know your choice, and we install that definite glass panel option on Bifold Doors for you. OK, let’s summarize the article now. What are the advantages of including glass panels in the Bifold Doors manufacturing process? Natural light, temperature protection, more variations, and not blocking your view are the top advantages to highlight here. Also, doors that come with aluminium frames and glass panels offer the highest strength to weight ratio. Call us today for more information on this versatile door range!