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New Delhi, 15th February’2019: Have you ever thought of having a ship container or a dairy truck turned into a house? Seems unthinkable? Then you’ll love the new FYI TV18 show ‘YOU CAN’T TURN THAT INTO A HOUSE’ where brothers Taimoor and Rehan Nana renovates an assortment of odd structures, miraculously transforming them into awe-inspiring retreats.

The audience will be exposed to amazing transformations by brothers from Missouri Taimoor and Rehan Nana, along with their partner and architect Kyle Davis. Travelling through the United States the team will be rewriting the rules of home design by taking on the most unconventional, most bizarre, most dangerous run-down structures and transforming them into surprising, ingenious and luxurious dream homes. With their out-of-the-box ingenuity and handy renovation skills, they build amazing living spaces out of totally impossible structures. Whether it is turning a rusted-out old silo into a high-rise one-bedroom or transforming an old de-commissioned airplane into a bad-ass home with wings, there is no job too extreme for this crew.

Tune-in to FYI TV18 for interesting series ‘YOU CAN’T TURN THAT INTO A HOUSE’ on 15th February’ 2019, Friday at 8:30 PM.