The year of AriwoolSoosan’s introducing CEO (consumer-oriented I management) in 2017. Welcome to Love Sea Shopping Mall. The brand of Love Sea gold tongue sole and Love Sea yellow corvinais the extra fine one that Goonsan city supports. We will do our best to produce products that are processed and taste good and can be trusted in the future, as we cool rapidly and vacuum-pack them after selecting strictly domestic products which is caught in the west coast and half drying them through thoroughly hygienic management by a high-tech HACCP system.
Major products:
About 20 kinds of fish products, such as gold tongue soles, yellow corvinas, rockfish, snappers, and cods
What is Hazard Analysis?
It means “to anticipate a certain hazard in advance and to grasp the factors in advance”, and the important man-agement point implies “an item that must be necessarily managed”. In other words, it refers to a proactive food safety management system to prevent harmful effects of HACCP.
The HACCP system is a systematic regulation for scientifically analyzing situations where biological, chemical, and physical hazards can occur in the process of food production and for providing stable and clean products to con-sumers by preventing the occurrence of risk factors in advance.
As a result, HACCP is a scientific hygiene management system for ensuring the safety of food through autonomous, systematic and efficient management by determining the critical management points for identifying and managing intensively hazards that may arise at each stage, from the raw materials of the food to the production, processing, preservation, distribution, and cooking stages before it is ingested by the end consumer. Sea Yellow Corvina Korea
The brand of Love Sea gold tongue sole and Love Sea yellow corvinais:
AriwoolSoosan (Co., Ltd) which delivers the taste and freshness of our aquatic products with our own brand, gold tongue sole, yellow corvinasells them to domestic and overseas markets after half-dry by means of thorough hygiene management through a hives HACCP system. Of course, these products are rich in freshness and cleanly processed taste. We will do our best to produce products that you can eat, trusting in the future.
HACCP facility:
Using a state-of-the-art HACCP system, we half- dry, cool rapidly, vacuum-pack through thoroughly hygienic management and produce, keeping as much freshness as possible. Yellow Corvina Brand Product
Haccp is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point in English. It is referred to as haccp or Food Safety Manage-ment Certification Criteria.