QA Mentor is one of the best software testing companies. The company is renowned for its best software testing and software quality assurance services. The company offers all different types of functional and nonfunctional software testing services to its clients all across the world. The company has announced to offer regression testing services in all available types being one of the top regression testing companies. The spokesperson of the company shared that there are four different types of regression testing which are briefed below:

1. Reset all regression testing
In this case, all test cases are reused to perform a thorough test on the modules to assure the software quality after the changes in the code. This is a time consuming process, but it is useful in some cases.

2. Selective regression testing
In this case, only the selected number of test cases gets rerun. Generally, these test cases are connected to the section of code gets modified for a certain reason.

3. Progressive regression testing
This type of regression testing is performed when the specifications get changed. This type of regression testing service includes rewriting of test cases and executing them based on the changed specification of the product.

4. Corrective regression testing
If the product or module specification is not changed, then the same test cases are reused to test the quality of the software after the code change.
The spokesperson of this top QA company shared that the businesses can take advantage of the regression testing service offered by the company to leverage various benefits. Some of the shared benefits of regression testing service of QA Mentor are as follows:

• It assures the performed changes in the code have not adversely affected the quality or functionality of any other module in the software
• It helps in assuring the software is bug free all the time
• It helps in reducing the market disappointments such as, loss of customers or revenue due to a buggy product
• It helps in assuring the cost effectiveness of regression testing
• It helps in identifying the risk level
• It helps in identifying the missing requirement or gap between developed and defined software
• It helps in assuring that the fixed bugs are not reproducible
• It helps in increasing the overall quality of development and the product

QA Mentor, one of the best QA companies, offer both manual and automated regression testing services to its customers based on their need and demand of the project. Along with the complete regression testing service, this software testing company also offers some independent regression testing services such as,

• Regression testing execution factory service and
• Test automation framework design service

The customers can choose the service based on their need and budget. The company has a team of expert testing engineers and fully equipped testing lab to assure the customers of the company get the best returns and quality of service. To know more about the company and its regression testing service, please visit