A.I.M. Sales, a local supplier of innovative agricultural solutions, offers the Hydralada Elevating Work Platform. Orchard harvest operators, with the help of this mobile lift, can reach new heights safely and efficiently.

[Griffith, 12/2/2019] — A.I.M. Sales, an agricultural equipment supplier in Australia, offers the Hydralada Elevating Work Platform for use in orchards and other harvest areas. The Hydralada Platform is part of A.I.M. Sales’ catalogue of complementary agricultural equipment that includes bin tippers, picking ladders and frost fans.

The Benefits of Elevated Working Platforms

The Hydralada Platform is a floor lift machine that lets operators conduct tasks from all heights. It allows operators to move safely from one place to another while working at the height required for harvesting.

Unlike traditional picking ladders, these platforms can manoeuvre across different terrains while the operator remains safely mounted. By minimising the need to frequently transfer equipment and climb ladders, the platform increases the efficiency of harvesting operations and helps agricultural businesses enhance their productivity.

The A.I.M. Sales Brand ‒ Versatility and Efficiency in Agricultural Operations

The Hydralada Platform comes in different versions suitable for a variety of applications. The compact models have a three metre floor lift height that is ideal for low-hanging branches and vegetation with narrow spaces in between. The Hi Lift models have a cage height of 3.6 metres, making it applicable for pruning operations, netting system care and maintenance of central pivot irrigation systems. The Maxi Models reach a range of 4.4 to 8 metres, making them suitable for operations that are more difficult.

About A.I.M. Sales

A.I.M. Sales is a supplier of agricultural and industrial equipment designed to enhance a wide range of agricultural applications. They have an extensive network of distributors for their products in Australia, helping them fulfil their commitment to providing innovative solutions for the country’s farming and livestock industries. Their products include bin tippers, elevated platforms, pallet bins, picking ladders, frost fans and other complementary equipment. The team at A.I.M. Sales believe in cultivating long-term partnerships with their clients and communities, ensuring quality customer service at all times.

For more information, visit their website at https://www.aimsales.com.au/.