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Wellness Coach Abhiit Manoharr remedies for Mental Stress
New Delhi- 11 February 2019- In today’s world, we encounter stress and anxiety at every turn. The nature of stress has also evolved overtime. In simpler times, a big financial loss or personal calamity could lead to mental anguish causing stress. These days stress can be triggered at any age and for deceptively simple reasons. While problems like too much or too little activity or workload, ambiguity and uncertainty in daily tasks, feelings of isolation, unpredictability in behaviour, strict timelines pressure and pressure to perform in school or office; are a part and parcel of the life cycle of an individual; when all of these problems happen simultaneously and frequently; they tend to chip away at a person’s inner peace, tranquillity and their self-confidence.
A person in a constant state of stress is likely to have low concentration, poor decision-making skills, lack in appetite, is always exhausted and displays erratic behaviour. This mental anguish leads to intense physical and health repercussions such as clinical depression, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, anxiety disorder, heart disease etc. So, its very important to know the tools to control and avoid mental stress.
Meditation – Meditation can be a simple effective technique to control our emotions and our reactions to situations. While it may seem hard to concentrate at first and learn the art of the freeing of one’s mind and letting go of all worries and problems, its been proven to have miraculous results for peace of mind since ancient times.
• Meditation is like knowing your inner self. It is making a very deep connection with your own soul and being more sensitive towards yourself and your surroundings.
• Meditation, contrary to the belief do not need hours and can be done in as less as two minutes with some extraordinary results.
• Abhiit Manoharr, the Wellness Guru from AumSharnam is an expert in Guided Meditation and his Rapid Rejuvenation Technique (RRT) has helped thousands of people till now.
Diet – Another aspect of avoiding stress is balanced diet.
You become what you eat. Our body is 70% water and this water can be consumed as liquid or through food.
Effect of food we eat is sooner or later going to manifest in our mental and emotional health.
Choosing right food combination is essential for Cognitive development of human brain.
Shweta Diwan, leading dietitian and founder of Slimage Diet Clinic says “Protein, Carbohydrate and good fat are all necessary for brain function and development and maintaining a right mix is very important” She also explained how even the issues like Diabetes or Stroke can be reversed just by making diet and lifestyle changes.
Certain food boost overall immunity and help in dealing with stress. A Diet with plenty of fruits and seasonal vegetable is considered to be one of the best to fight stress. Protein source such as cottage cheese, pulsesor soya is also important aspect of diet. Certain fish are rich in Omega 3 and which is essential for cognitive ability. Nuts like walnut are also proven to be good for our brain.
The mind is a human being’s most important asset and just like we service our car and clean our house, we need to pay attention to our mind and keep it clean and stress free.
Abhiit says that at we provide a holistic healing approach which starts with body by correcting diet and goes to mind and soul by providing guided meditation sessions, yoga and teaching other mindfulness techniques which can be applied to deal with stress and anxiety.