Alchemy Personal Training
2A Hawthorn Walk

Opening Hours: 6AM to 9PM (7 days a week)
Tel: 01625 531 923
Mob: 07855 367139

Alchemy Personal Training offers tone up bespoke programme for clients to tone up, look fit and get healthy. Clients will be given a unique, in-depth assessment to determine what they want to achieve in terms of toning and fitness. Once personal goals are discussed with the personal trainer in Manchester, it will be analysed based on the client’s current weight, eating plan and overall health. “This information is vital to us”, says Rufus Bradshaw Master Trainer at Alchemy Personal Training. “Based on this we will ascertain where we are at, and how you will achieve your goals”.

The personal trainer in Manchester will create a bespoke training programme that is perfectly suited to the client’s requirements, this will consider their lifestyle and accelerate the pace to reach their fitness goals.

At Alchemy, clients can incorporate cross-fit, boxing, weights and cardio. The personal trainer will keep the routine fun, energetic and exciting. They will add variety and diversity to ensure the client does not experience any boredom. It is easy for a training programme to become monotonous and this is something many exercisers struggle with. “We guarantee that our clients won’t feel like quitting halfway through”, continues Mr. Bradshaw. “We make it a fresh and energetic routine each time so that our clients feel like they are exercising for the very first time”.

Alchemy Personal training offers guaranteed results. They have over two decades of combined experience in delivering world class personal training sessions. They are confident of what they can help their clients achieve. Book for a free fitness assessment today! “Get ready to tone up and show off your incredible physique”.

About Us

Alchemy Personal Training is based in Manchester and is a cutting edge personal training studio. With state of the art resistance machines and the best equipment, we offer everything you need to enjoy the best workout possible. The studio comprises of a separate yoga room and therapy room, along with fresh, filtered water, towels and ample free parking. We also have changing rooms and private showering facilities. You can enjoy a versatile workout using the highest standard of equipment and our experienced personal trainers. For more information, visit our website on