Digital data is the most valuable commodity in the world, which is why it’s under constant threat from hackers. One of the many methods hackers use to steal confidential data is by eavesdropping on unsecured networks, such as open wireless hotspots. However, while they can easily intercept the data being sent between your device and the local router, they have no chance of making any sense of it if it’s encrypted. VyprVPN for Windows reroutes all your traffic through proven VPN servers in various locations around the world to ensure that your data is kept safe whilst it’s in transit. In November 2018, version 2.19 was certified and independently audited by No Log VPN, proving that it keeps your personal data safe from the prying eyes of hackers and third parties.

While VyprVPN for Windows offers important security and privacy advantages, it’s also great for browsing the web without annoying restrictions. If, for example, you’ve ever gone abroad only to find that you can’t access your favorite websites or view the latest Netflix series, then using a VPN may be just what you need. A common complaint many people have when going on holiday or moving abroad is that they’re constantly greeted with messages stating that ‘this content isn’t available in your country’. However, by connecting to the web through VyprVPN, it will appear to the website or service you’re trying to connect to that you’re in the country where the VPN resides. VyprVPN allows you to use over 70 VPN servers located in countries all over the world.

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