QA Mentor is one of the leading software testing companies, and because of its best mobile testing services, it is also renowned as one of the top mobile testing companies. The company has announced to offer mobile testing services. The company has designed specific mobile testing services for the IT companies to benefit the IT sector.

“We all know the importance of mobile devices. People use mobile devices to explore and access information on the web and even to make purchases. Thus, it is very important to assure that the software and other products a company launch is mobile friendly as well as run well on mobile devices. Being one of the leading mobile testing companies, we offer complete mobile testing services to benefit our customers. We offer this service to all customers. At the same time, we have a dedicated wing of software quality assurance experts who work exclusively on the mobile testing projects for the IT companies. The reason is IT companies launch more products and develop many software solutions which have to work efficiently and accurately on all or predefined mobile devices. We, being one of the top mobile testing companies, help IT companies to build the best software and deliver an exceptional user experience to the mobile users”, shared Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder and CEO of QA Mentor, Inc.

As per the shared details, the company uses both, manual and automated testing processes to test the software quality for mobile users. This mobile testing company has a fully equipped software testing lab in each branch of the company in 9 different countries all across the world. The software quality assurance experts inspect the IT companies from the first stage to the last stage and later for the mobile friendly and high quality software development.

As part of the offered mobile testing service, this company offers a complete range of testing and quality assurance services which are listed below:

• Functional testing
• Laboratory testing
• Performance testing
• Load testing
• Stress testing
• Memory leakage testing
• Installation testing
• Certification testing
• Interrupt testing
• Usability testing
• And more

Mobile testing service of this top QA company is not limited to the mobile applications or a particular type of software. The company offers expert mobile testing services to all different types of mobile applications and software. This service is available to test the software for any particular or all different types of mobile devices and operating systems.

About QA Mentor, Inc

It is one of the best software testing companies. The headquarter of the company is located in New York, USA and the company has branches in 8 different countries with an aim to offer round the clock services to its customers. The company offers complete software quality assurance services as well as the independent software testing services, including, mobile testing. To know more about the offered mobile testing services of this one of the best mobile testing companies, please visit