Life is unpredictable. While on a holiday if you have a health crisis – where should you turn? Why should you worry about finding a healthcare center that is both close to home and offers the services of physicians with a wide range of specialties? The truth is there are many different healthcare centers available throughout the United States, Yucaipa that can provide you with the many different services that you and your loved ones may need. Cedar Mountain Rehab offers physicians trained in many different areas to guarantee the best in medical quality regardless of which facility you require.

IEHP Healthcare Center at Cedar Mountain Rehab services includes speech language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy services. Keeping in view the highest quality rehabilitation services for healthcare Cedar Mountain Post-Acute Rehabilitation ensures adequate patient care and timely carrying out of responsibilities.

EPIC Recovery Center offers the beneficial services known as Cedar Mountain Post-Acute Rehabilitation including:

• Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Training
• Wound Care
• Gait Training
• Bed Mobility
• Dysphagia Treatment
• Aphasia/Cognitive Impairment Treatment
• Rehab Dining
• Restorative Care
• Home Therapy Assessment

Cedar Mountain Post-Acute Rehabilitation takes pride in dedicated staff that is equipped with strengths and talents to deliver the best possible care for their residents on a regular basis. Currently, they are the leading healthcare facility to meet the premier quality rehabilitation staffing needs certified by Medicare and Medi-Cal to provide 24 hour nursing care. They provide post-acute services to manage the nursing, medical, and therapy needs of the residents, bridging the gap between the hospital and home.

About Cedar Mountain Post-Acute Rehabilitation:

You are welcome at Cedar Mountain Post-Acute providing a therapeutic environment for their residents. With a unique and personalized experience for their residents, their main objective is to help each patient rest, recover and return to their optimal mobility and independence. Each person is a valued guest, and they should expect a caliber of service that will fill each day with comfort, therapy, and safety.