New York’s Flushing is no stranger to quality, authentic Chinese cuisine. But if you have never dined at Guan Fu Sichuan, then you are missing out on some of the most exotic Szechuan that one can have.

11th February 2019, Flushing NY

New York’s Flushing is known for its fine range of authentic Chinese cuisine outlets. However, nothing quite rules the roost of Restaurants in Flushing NY quite like Guan Fu Sichuan. The delicacies here are unrivaled in their palette, aroma, and a testament to culinary wizardry. It is an added plus that they serve customers at the restaurant and also via take-out deliveries.
If your taste buds crave rare and exotic Asian cuisine then you cannot miss the following dishes that are served here:

i. Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage

This mouth-watering recipe features deliciously prepared, shredded sea-bass fillets in thick gravy. The dish is proof of diversity in Szechuan cuisine as the pickled cabbage oddly contrasts and accentuates the taste of the gravy and the fish.

ii. Razor Clam with Green Pepper

Szechuan cuisine features an endless list of seafood delicacies and Razor Clam with Green Pepper is a popular one among them. The dish features succulent clams cut into bite-sized pieces. The chew, seasoned razor clam is well contrasted by the generously used green pepper.

iii. Pork Liver with Green Chinese Pricklyash

Szechuan pricklyash is an exotic Chinese herb that is known for its lingering, light peppery after-taste. This moderately spicy dish features slender slivers of pork swimming in a dark-red, aromatic broth. You cannot afford to miss this delicacy if you are a fan of meat-based Szechuan dishes.

iv. Guanfu Shrimp Skewers

Few delicacies in the world can match the savory quality of a Guanfu Shrimp Skewer. The lemon-smeared, herb-drizzled, succulent shrimp skewers melt in your mouth. This Szechuan seasoned shrimp-on-a-stick serves as a perfect appetizer to whet your palate before the main course!

v. Guanfu Chongqing Fried Chicken

The Guangfu Chongqing Fried Chicken is a must if you are a fan of spicy meat dishes. The smoky, flavored, red chili-laden delicacy also features a sauce worth relishing. Szechuan cuisine patrons love to have this dish both as an appetizer and as a main course.

So, if you are in search of a Flushing Chinese Restaurant that serves authentic Guanfu Szechuan dishes you can implicitly trust Guan Fu Sichuan.