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Think Outside the Conference Room: Latest Trends in Choosing Corporate Event Venues
6th February, 2019: Gone are the days when a corporate event meant having day-long seminars and presentations in a meeting room or lecture hall. Today’s corporates take their events extremely seriously. A corporate event is a company’s way of making a statement. Here are some of the latest trends in 2019 that corporates are leaning towards while choosing a venue for their events.
Offbeat Settings: Even if the event is a series of seminars, corporates are now choosing to host them away from their offices, preferably somewhere scenic. Beaches, mountains, forests – anything to escape the urban jungle. New locations like Discover Resorts near Karjat are gaining steam as preferred corporate event settings.
Offbeat Activities: Zip-lining across a river, building something together or even surviving in the wild – Corporates today are looking for unique situations that will force employees to step out of their comfort zones and literally think outside the conference room! Discover Resorts, Karjat offers a variety of unique activities right from trekking to rain-dancing.
Professional Help: Corporate events are now being seen as an investment. And as with any investment, returns are expected. Corporates are now hiring professionals to get the right returns from their event. Be it planning effective team-building activities or ensuring the event flows smoothly, the demand for corporate event managers is higher than ever before. Venues like Discover Resorts have picked up on this trend and have started providing their own in-house professional resource person to plan corporate events.
Over & Above: The main question being raised while selecting a corporate event venue is how will the venue enhance your event. Corporates are becoming extremely picky about selecting the right venue. Large events need to be flexible. Corporates are looking for venues that allow for last minute additions and subtractions. Venues such as Discover Resorts that have the space and facilities to be flexible are becoming popular corporate event destinations.
With the number of corporates in Pune & Mumbai increasing, regular hotels and halls in Maharashtra have been saturated. Discover Resorts is a fresh option for corporates in Maharashtra. This is what Pune-based animation company, Fabelizer had to say about their corporate event at Discover.
“Working with the in-house corporate trainer on the Discover team, really helped us achieve our offsite objectives. The employees felt relaxed. The management bonded with them. Overall it was a great experience for Fabelizer. We will definitely consider making Discover Resorts our annual offsite partner” – Naqisa Silva, Founder at Fabelizer
About Discover Resorts:
Discover Resorts is located 10km from Matheran, 60km from Thane, 86km from Mumbai and 120km from Pune, at the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains. Equipped with an in-house corporate training professional, state-of-the-art facilities and a variety of outbound activities, this resort is ideal for anyone company looking for a break from monotony.
Discover Resorts provides tailor-made corporate experiences. Companies are allowed flexibility to customize every aspect of their event.
Discover Resorts can be contacted on +91 9319860099 or write to us at We’re also present online with our website , our Instagram handle and our Facebook page