V.E.S, the worlds most creative ‘No Hangover’ spirit company is the toast of society in the USA and Europe.
V.E.S Vodka & Gin is to host Film and Royal Events

Online PR News – 04-February-2019 – New York Greenwood Lakes – “The spirit industries first ‘no hangover’ premium, organic Vodka & Gin company, partners with one of the world’s top 10 film festivals in New York.”

V.E.S Enriched Creations and the Hoboken International Film Festival find common ground with product placement and entertainment.

What does an international film festival have in common with a unique premium spirit manufacturer, outside of social circles you may ask.

Everything, says Hoboken International Film Festival ‘Vice President-Events’, and V.E.S CEO, Darryl Tombleson.
I’ve always had a passion for the film and television industry, having acted early days with Nicole Kidman, and having hosted a variation of shows, I’m constantly finding creative ways to market and promote my products or services.

The entertainment industry is the perfect vehicle for this.

A similar creativity is not lost on the Film Festivals CEO Kenneth Del Vecchio, a Lawyer, Movie Producer, and former Judge.
“We all share the same drive and enthusiasm, to take HIFF to the next level”.

V.E.S, a creative spirit manufacturer, and HIFF, an icon in the movie festival arena, are all about showcasing to the universe, incredible products and productions.

Neither are afraid to highlight their progressive approach, in their chosen fields.
Premium spirits and movies, the perfect combination, meets for a seven day tasting and screening of some of the movie and television industries latest potential blockbusters, between May 16th-May 23rd 2019, at Greenwoods Lake Estate, just outside of New York.

Attended by Celebrities, Award Winning Actors, Producers, Directors, Screenwriters, and movie lovers alike.

Into its 14th year, HIFF attracts thousands of film and television viewers who flock to this special event, to rub shoulders with the film and television elite.

And when it’s time to rehydrate after a week of partying, V.E.S have developed the perfect solution.
‘V.E.S Anti-Ageing Enriched Mineral Water’, the latest release from V.E.S, in stores shortly.