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A person who has the authorization power for administering and witnessing the solemn affirmations or oaths under provincial or regional legislation for taking an affidavit for every possible legal matter is known as Commissioner of Oaths. And the person who takes this solemn declaration or affirmation is known as a declarant or deponent.
A Commissioner of Oaths in Canada states officially that the needed affirmation or oath or declaration has been administered precisely. The commissioner doesn’t verify the statements’ validity which the document consists of. This is the deponent’s liability.
In almost every Canadian province, a commissioner of oaths should administer the law’s declaration. This needs that the declarant is present physically before the commissioner of oaths. Prior to signing the document, the commissioner of oaths should be convinced regarding the deponent’s identity and signature’s authenticity by comparing it to that in presence of an ID like driving license, passport, or a provincial health insurance card.
If you are looking for professional services for commissioner of oaths in Toronto, you must get in touch with Notarizers. We are accredited and certified notary public firm and offer different types of the commission of oaths services.
Different kinds of the commission of oaths services offered by Notarizers
• Commissioning of solemn declarations or affirmations or oaths
• Notarized or certified copies
• Statutory declaration that concerns a damaged, stolen, destroyed, lost, or inaccessible Travel document or Canadian passport
• Common Law Union’s statutory declaration or oaths
• Witnessing of signatures
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