(February 09, 2018)– This is a good year for music enthusiasts because finally there is a way to migrate playlists without having to be skeptical about the loss of a few tracks when the transfer takes place like it was when playlist migrations were manual. Thanks to MusConv, now instead of having to download each song from your playlist on Spotify and uploading them one by one to Amazon Music, it can be done all at once. It is now less time consuming and more accessible than ever before.

MusConv is a third-party app which helps you transfer playlists through several different audio streaming platforms. With MusConv you can now import Spotify playlist to Amazon Music without the hassle of having to download each song from Spotify and then uploading them to Amazon Music, only to re-create a playlist you already had on. Select the source platform, Spotify, and destination as Amazon Music. Once that is done, just select the playlist you want to transfer, and in a matter of minutes, your whole playlist will be imported to Amazon Music.

About MusConv:
MusConv is a third-party app which makes it easier for its users to migrate playlists amongst various audio streaming platforms, like Spotify and Amazon Music. With the ease of MusConv, whole playlists can be migrated from Spotify and enjoyed on Amazon Music. MusConv has made it so much more convenient to listen to your cherished playlists irrespective of the platform you are using.

For additional information, please visit: https://musconv.com/Spotify-Playlist-To-Amazon-Music

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