BuycPanel is an authorized distributor of cPanel VPS optimized and cPanel/WHM plus licenses with the largest selection of cPanel add-ons at low prices, providing free software installation, instant activation and technical support 24/7.

There are certain pre-requisites which ought to be followed when one is installing either the cPanel or WHM Plus. First and foremost one must be sure of the fact that the cPanel license, which is being used, has been purchased from the cPanel website such as This is because the license is not free; the user has to buy it from the right source. cPanel Licensing is essential as the IP which you would be using must be authorized to use cPanel.

There are some ways to access cPanel or WHM license. Websites are the face of communication for business organizations in the online world. Many business organizations like online stores and location based services entirely depend on websites for their operations and can’t afford to go down at any cost. Thus in such situation reliability of servers play a major role in the uptime of a website and budget plays an equally important role in terms of business operations. Balancing both these factors and giving equal importance to both is surely a tricky thing for small business owners.

Virtual private servers (VPS) are a boon under such circumstances and advantages of a virtual private server (VPS), functions of a website control panel or cPanel. When you choose VPS with cPanel needs one to make a few technical, managerial and financial considerations before buying cPanel VPS licenses.

cPanel Partner is the world’s most popular website control panel or site management panel that provides a wide range of tools, applications and graphical interfaces to control and manage the operations of a website. Located within the web host manager (WHM), a cPanel consists of many domains of which an addon domain is the most prominent one.

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BuycPanel is the largest and most trusted external cPanel distributor in the world. cPanel and WHM include the latest technologies to help keep your server protected. They offer software for virus protection, rootkit detection, and a host of other tools to allow you to lock down your server. cPanel is perhaps the most powerful tool you can get for server management.