Losing a loved one leaves you numb and devastated. It doesn’t matter who you lose; life partner, parent, sibling, friend or even, a pet, having to deal with the death of someone you loved with all your heart can bring your life to a halt. If you know someone who recently lost a loved one, you can try to make things just a little bit easier for them.

There are a number of things that you can do to show your support to someone going through a loss. First and foremost, the best thing to do is to just be with them. It doesn’t matter if they want to talk or just sit in silence, stick with them.

Another great way that you can show your sympathies is by providing financial support in the funeral process. Sadly, as times go on, the costs of funerals just keep on rising; you can help your friends by offering to pay for the coffin or the

flat granite headstones and grave markers.

One more thing that can actually help a grieving person get through the tough times are sympathy gifts. There is a huge variety of sympathy gifts available online and a lot of them are budget friendly too but, it is important to remember that a grieving person is not looking for gifts, they are looking for support. And, that is why; all sympathy gifts should be personally made.

When we hear sympathy gifts, the first thing that pops up in our heads is a bouquet of flowers. The truth is, flowers are probably the most common and impersonal sympathy gifts that you could send to someone. But, the good news is, there are countless sympathy gifts that you can easily make at home and, if you need some inspiration, here are some great ideas;

Food after the Funeral

In a time when the family has to deal with a loss of a loved one and also receive all the guests that are making condolence visits, cooking food and eating are the last things on their mind. By taking food to their house, you will not only help the family take care of the guests, but you will also allow the grieving family a chance to eat some food too.

Buy Groceries for them

When someone loses a family member, the last thing they want to do is go grocery shopping. But, that doesn’t mean that the supplies are going to last forever, sooner or later, the grieving family will starting running out of more and more things. You can help them out by buying their groceries for them.

Make a Charitable Contribution

If you know an organization or movement that the deceased person was working for, you can make a donation to that group instead of sending flowers or food. If you don’t know what kind of organization to donate to, you can always ask the bereaved family.

Make a gift basket

You can also make a gift basket for the family in which you can put some inspirational books, some great photos of the deceased person, and even some yummy treats. Gift baskets are a reminder of Christmas and hence, sending a gift basket is sure to uplift the moods.