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Industrial Enzymes Market | Trends | Growth | Forecast 2018 – 2024

High Surge In The Global Industrial Enzymes Market And Its Current And Future Trends
Changing aspects of industrial enzymes market
The global industrial enzymes market is driven by various factors which includes-
• Lifestyle changes leading to demand for food & beverages
• Advancements in food engineering which is helping the innovation of new products
• Increase in investments and funds in the food & beverages industry
• And lastly, rising consumption of processed food and packaged food globally are major factors leading to the growth of industrial enzymes market.
On the other hand, strict regulatory policies, and safety concerns of the products are hindering the growth of global industrial enzymes market.

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Regional analysis:
North America industrial enzymes market is growing at substantial rate owing to growing investments in food & beverages industry.
The growth of Asia-Pacific industrial enzymes market is largely dependent on rising disposable income of people over the food and beverages which is due to population explosion.
Some of the key players in the global industrial enzymes market include:
• Koninklijke DSM N.V (Netherlands)
• Novozymes A/S (Denmark)
• BASF SE (Germany)
• I. DuPont de Nemours and Company (U.S.)
• Associated British Foods Plc (U.K.)
• DSM (Netherlands)

Notable market development
DSM launched new enzyme solutions at IFT17 in 2016, to improve texture and moistness of gluten-free bread.

The global Industrial enzymes market is divided into following categories-
By type
• Carbohydrases
o Cellulases
o Amylases
o Others
• Proteases
• Polymerases & Nucleases
• Lipase
• Others
By application
• Food Processing
o Bakery Applications
o Dairy Applications
o Brewing Applications
o Others
• Personal & Household care
• Pharmaceuticals
• Textiles
• Cosmetics
• Leather Processing
• Pulp & Paper
• Others
By source
• Animals
• Plants
• Micro-organisms
By geographical regions
• North America
• Latin America
• Europe
• Asia-Pacific
• The Middle East & Africa

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