CMIT Solutions is a custom IT services provider that helps businesses achieve peak technological capacity. Over 100 security experts are available to ensure businesses are protected against cybersecurity threats.

[AUSTIN, 2/7/2019] – CMIT Solutions, a custom IT services provider, helps businesses operate at peak technological capacity. They provide solutions for computer, network, mobile device, and cloud-related problems. Their proactive management systems monitor and manage networks by detecting issues, safely backing up data, and handling cybersecurity threats. The company has over 100 security experts operating 24/7 to ensure defense against cybersecurity threats and attacks.

CMIT Solutions offers a multi-layered security defense system to protect businesses from cyber threats.This involves a strong network perimeter with a well-managed firewall, active network monitoring, and periodic inspections. The system includes proactive monitoring with anti-malware and anti-virus software, anti-spam protection, and DNS filtering. CMIT Solutions also offers security training programs for staff.

CMIT Solutions’ Cybersecurity Risk Assessment service allows businesses to quantify their exposure to security threats and understand how they can react to and protect themselves against a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity Protection Process

CMIT Solutions provides cyber threat solutions based on the size and complexity of each business. They offer specialized assessments for those operating under Sarbanes Oxley, PCI DSS, HIPAA, or DFAR regulations. The cybersecurity plans include inspections of network traffic, security information, and event data.

Assessment – CMIT Solutions analyzes the business’ IT infrastructure to determine their cybersecurity exposure. They identify what issues to prioritize based on the likelihood of a threat and its potential impact for the business.

Remediation – They implement multi-layered defenses and schedule periodic inspections of IT infrastructure to reduce the incidence of major security risks.

Management – They also provide ongoing team training programs, give spot inspections when necessary, conduct daily reviews of cybersecurity defenses, and carry out monthly reports of operational trends.

About CMIT Solutions

CMIT Solutions was founded in 1996 and delivers 24/7 IT support to local businesses across North America. They focus on providing managed services and proactive and professional IT support at affordable and consistent rates.Businesses can effectively plan for IT expenses and protect themselves against potential cyber threats.

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