The third business model that MWDN software development company provides is dedicated team (DT) business model. In this business model, there is a client, the services provider company (outsource company) and a group of employees, that is a dedicated development team. That means you don’t buy a service or a product from the outsource company but hire a team of developers from the outsource company with the necessary skills and experience needed for your project completion.

There are several advantages of Dedicated Team business approach. First of all, it suits the best projects with a large volume of work, which presuppose long-term cooperation. The second advantage is that a budget is predictable and defined as you pay an(n) hourly/daily/weekly/monthly salary to every member of your dedicated team plus administrative expenses. The third one is that you get a complete control over the team and the project completion. Thus, a client can submit any changes at any stage of the development process. Eventually, you get a team of savvy and seasoned experts fully motivated and completely dedicated to your company and project.

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