Good schooling is like a reward in itself. It can keep a person in arrears for life. That’s mainly why parents are so picky about which school to send their children to. Today, the options are many. Private schools are rife in India, each besting the other in some way. In the city of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, this is fast becoming a reality. Although a little late, but the trend of private schools has finally caught on with the residents of this district. Slowly, a lot of new schools have come up, but only a few of them is as lauded as the rest. Academic Heights is one of those names that has brought fine schooling system to the city that was previously inaccessible to many.

Academic Heights is the best CBSE school in Gorakhpur. Rated among the top 10 schools in Gorakhpur, Academic Heights is affiliated to the CBSE board that has a presence across India. Academic Heights not only presents the parents of Gorakhpur an opportunity to send their children to a really good school but also the students a chance at a bright future. The school has inclusive curriculums for all classes which balance both scholastic and athletic activities in an even keel. So, while students get a fair chance at getting ahead in their coursework, they are also given an opportunity to pursue sports and excel in it.

In addition to perfectly curated curriculum and loads of extra-curricular activities that keep the students engaged all year round, the school also holds competitive exams bi-annually and in between to ensure the desired learning outcome from every lesson. With the help of teachers who serve as mentors to the students by offering them full attention and helping them individually in their studies, the students can choose between real learning and memorizing. These teachers aid student to internalize lessons for life instead of passing it in rote memory.

Students that go to Academic Heights learn their lessons for life. With a good attendance year-round, a student does not need to go to coaching classes after school. Nor do they need any additional guidance with their school works at home. The teachers, with their modern techniques, make sure that the students learn most of the things in class so that when they go back home, they can invest all the time left in doing homework and revising the things learned in school.

Academic Heights is a senior secondary school that hosts all sorts of competitive exams including Olympiads and best career counselling school in Gorakhpur. Other competitive exams that students can partake in are JEE Main, KVPY, NEET, NTSE, CLAT, CS and Foundation. Co-curricular activities include foreign languages, logical thinking, robotics, abacus and such subjects that are hard to find in schools. Students can sign up for any of these courses as extra-curricular subject, depending on their interest.

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