KIOSK KOREA has utilized its expertise and experience with transparent technologies to promote its Digital Transparent Refrigerators (coolers) to offer brands an amazing and unique way of highlighting and promoting its brand message. Our ICE Fridges use our transparent technology, and merge this impressive concept into a digital advertising display which allows you to run promotional content on the point of sale itself, the fridge where you are selling your product! One way to successfully push your brand.
In combination with transparent display technology this innovative digital cooler replaces the entire conventional front door glass with a transparent Digital LCD Display assembly.
The straightforward LCD show cooler which utilize the straightforward LCD Screen in ice chest entryway glass, Refrigerator entryway show items in the meantime as promotions, distributing, client correspondence, statistical surveying and other media intuitive experience, our one of a kind straightforward entryway body creation of protected innovation to comprehend screen warm scattering, hostile to haze and different issues, has been effectively utilized in Haier, Coca cola and item venture Internet Centralized control system, only one host PC can accomplish on various areas all coolers and video publicizing substitution, play, area, association data gathering, cooler use task screen transparent lcd display in korea
What items would we be able to supply?
Straight forward LCD Fridge Door
We can supply straightforward LCD cooler entryway, you can give us your ice chest entryway glass size, and then we can plan for you and give you the arrangement, our new ice chest entryway is combined with straightforward LCD, aluminum outline, Led light, etc. Transparent LCD Fridge
High Technology
High straightforward :fill light straightforward rate: 75-85%;
Brilliant: high differentiation, real nature imaging,
New Fashion
New thought: Great approach to demonstrate your items;
Noteworthy: play item presentation video same time;
Trendy: Modern craftsmanship plan, exquisite appearance