Sterling silver jewelry has now swept the market and one can find an endless collection of beautifully crafted sterling silver rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and jewelry sets. Among the most popular of choices is the cubic zirconia studded sterling silver jewelry.

1.As the first point, look for the hallmark. In the U.S. silver is mostly marked featuring 925,.925, or 92.5, a small engraving. This is a way of knowing it is genuine sterling silver. The other countries follow different standards. Thus paying attention is a must for any jewelry.

2.Another important part is to look for a word “plated.” In case, it says ‘silver-plated’ it means it is coated in silver to get the appearance and is not sterling. In fact, it is a piece made of copper, nickel and other metals. The coating of silver will wear away.

3.To check the quality construction of the silver jewelry, do inspect the pieces. Test the clasps to know if they are secure and easy to open. Also place the chains flat to check for bends or kinks and ensure the earrings are not bent and appear straight.

4.If you cannot afford to buy silver based jewelry in large items like a necklace or chain then you can easily go for a pendant or ring of sterling silver. Heart shaped pendant designs in sterling silver are readily available in market. You could also ask the manufacturer for customized designs like having the alphabets of your name in the pendant. Sterling silver based jewelry is always authentic. You can always ask for a guarantee card before you buy anything made out of silver just to be on the safe side or if you are unsure.

5.When the piece includes a stone of some kind the price will also vary according to the price of the stone. When it is only sterling silver the difference in price will come from the way it was manufactured and the details it has. Silver is a very manageable metal and beautiful pieces can be made out of it. Usually a silver piece can be bought by its weight in silver plus a small percentage for labor.

6.Sterling silver jewelry must be stored in a cool, dry place in separate pouches. This will prevent them from scratching one another and from being scratched by other jewelry. Taking care of silver jewelry is easy and inexpensive. Proper care will keep them shiny and scratch free many many years.

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