Tiger Wire Nets, a Delhi-based brand of wire nets presents an inclusive catalogue of products for use in homes and land properties in India and outside.

Delhi, India, 22nd Jan, 2019

Wire netting is a common feature in homes these days. What started off as a fencing technique around open plots has now found their way into homes and apartments. As old as wire nets are, their uses too have multiplied with time. Today, it is a product widely used in both homes and factories. In India, there is a good number of suppliers that caters to the local and national market, but very few are as big as Tiger Wire Nets. One of the top wire mesh manufacturers in Delhi, the company is presently one of the most trusted brands of wire nets in the national market.

Founded in 1965, Tiger Brand Wire Netting is an offshoot of Varada Manufacturing Co., an initiative by Ms. Varada Arora, the current owner of the business. For 4 decades, Tiger Wire has been catering the local and national market with self-manufactured products that are one of India’s best. With machines imported from China, Germany and Japan and a facility that is nothing short of colossal and fitted to the brim, the Tiger brand is responsible for the manufacturing of wire nets that have immense tensile strength and robust and resistant to corrosion. As one of the oldest and most known Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Delhi the company focuses on two things to the exclusion of all others- defect-free weaving and top-quality raw material. With the best quality steel procured from trusted vendors and machineries that make fine and defect-free moving, the company produces huge quantities of wiring nets of numerous kinds every day.

With its kind of infrastructure and resources, Tiger brand manufactures sundry kinds of wire netting products. Currently, its inventory has stainless steel wire mesh, woven wire cloth, mosquito wire mesh, vibrating mesh, wire mesh filters, decorative wire mesh, industrial heavy screen, welded wire mesh, galvanized mesh, hexagonal mesh, expanded metal mesh, crimped wire mesh, perforated sheet and chain link fencing. Being one of the key stainless-steel wire mesh suppliers in India, Tiger brands makes sure that variety is a constant in its catalogue. All the said products available on its catalogue are buyable in different specifications of mesh number and weight per unit.

With its rich variety of products, the company caters to countless different industries. Some of the key industries it caters to are asbestos, automobile, aeronautics, coal, cement, ceramic, fertilizer, dryer, chemical food, glass, mining, leather, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paint, door, decoration, dehydration, dal, cable, irrigation, washing machine, vacuum filters, thermal, dredging, pulverizing, seed screening, rice mosquito proofing, machinery guards, tea estate, starch plants, sound boxes, stone crusher, television grills, silencers and more.

Although an old and trusted business, Tiger Net Wires is very fair in pricing. That makes it one of the most dependable trusted brands in Delhi.

To check out its product catalogue, click here: http://www.tigerwirenets.com/