GetSavvi Health offers health insurance, which includes basic and primary care at affordable prices. The company believes in the fact that South Africans are hard working and each of them deserve access to affordable and high-quality healthcare facilities and that too at affordable prices. The company desires to be a leader in the primary healthcare sector. Primary care is all about basic healthcare facilities through day-to-day benefits, which help in enhancing the overall well-being of the patient.

The company offers a range of health plans, which help in reducing the burden of state hospitals. Members have access to several service providers. With contracted service providers, it is possible to have an affordable medical environment for the members who have access to preventive healthcare.

GetSavvi Health Promise:

  • Continuous product improvement to enhance member services
  • Treating members with respect and dignity
  • Offer great support for resolving member queries
  • Try to be the best in whatever they do

Plans & Packages:

All health plans offered by GetSavvi Health are packaged in a way so that the consumers can get all medical benefits at the most favorable rates. Plans include several health products and a variety of services which include hospital cover, doctor’s visit and medical advice.

Plans Offered by GetSavvi Health:

  • Primary Care Plan – Members of this plan have access to several benefits which include unlimited Doctor’s visits, Black & White X-rays, HIV and STI blood tests, basic and emergency dentistry, maternity benefits and much more.
  • Primary Care Plan+ – Members of this plan enjoy several benefits which include unlimited GP visits/consultations, blood tests, basic and emergency dentistry, acute and chronic medications among other facilities.
  • Hospital Plan – The hospital plan benefit helps members to deal with high hospital costs, especially when there is an emergency. Members get many benefits which include emergency casual benefits, emergency stabilization benefit and personal accident benefit.
  • HIV, Assault and Trauma Counselling – GetSavvi Health offers treatment and counselling for the members, who are exposed to HIV. The company also offers trauma counselling.

The customer service is open 365 days a year and 24/7 for assistance of members. The staff is well-trained, experienced and offers all the needed support and care.

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About GetSavvi Health:
GetSavvi Health offers affordable healthcare plans for hard-working South Africans, helping them with quality healthcare at the most affordable rates. The company offers Primary Care Plan, Primary Care Plan+ and Get Care Plan. Plans offered by GetSavvi cover many health products and services which include hospital cover, medical advice and Doctor’s visits.

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