Lubrication has been significantly important for the proper functioning of firearm components such as actions, bolts and hinges. Apart from providing lubrication, the global firearm lubricant also cleans the dirt and stain from the exposed metal surfaces to air and dust particles. The firearm lubricant also removes invisible moisture trapped in spaces and metal pores, prevents the interior and exterior parts from corrosion and decay. There has been rising awareness about the safety and hazards therefore a number of end users have engaged themselves in the regular maintenance of firearms and keep them in proper working condition. Firearm lubricant are an important to be applied to the bolt, firing pin, trigger to displace moisture and tackle freezing under cold climatic conditions.

Global Firearm Lubricant Market Dynamics

Global Firearm Lubricant Market Drivers

The new firearm unit sales and its scope of maintenance has necessitated the firearm lubricants for the end users. Military, domestic security and defence sector is expected to be the major consumer base owing to the frequency of firearm use and maintenance.

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Additionally, professional users in sports and hunting based activities are also tipped to be other prominent end users. Rising awareness about the regular maintenance of the firearms for accuracy and precision which in other case could lead to dangerous malfunctions. With the use of firearm lubricants, accidents have been significantly reduced. The firearm lubricants penetrate deep inside the locked spaces and breaks down the harsh chemicals and corrosion causing agents thus improving the relative movement amongst components. With the growing number of criminal activities, there has also been increase in number of home and personal protection.

Global Firearm Lubricant Market Restraints

The global Firearm Lubricant market has faced a couple of challenges over the past few years. The use of grease and other similar semi solid products harden under cold environmental conditions

One of the major challenge faced by the global firearm lubricant manufacturer is the prevalent use of conventionally used chemicals such as kerosene and oil.

Global Firearm Lubricant Market Trends

The global firearm lubricant manufacturers attributing to the stringent regulations for volatile organic compounds emissions, are channelizing efforts for the development of CFC’s or paraffin free firearm lubricants. Over the recent years, manufacturers have also investing significantly for the development of bio based firearm lubricants

Manufacturers are focusing in the development of advanced firearm lubricant which can function efficiently even in the cold climatic conditions. Manufacturers as a part of the business strategy to expand their customer base and global presence, are entering into long term partnerships with distributors and firearm manufacturers. Manufacturers are also providing integrated packages with the firearms for the maintenance, protection and safety.

Global Firearm Lubricant Market Segmentation

The global Firearm Lubricant market can be segmented on the basis of firearm type, source, end use, form and region

On the basis of firearm type, the global firearm lubricant market can be segmented as:


On the basis of source, the global firearm lubricant market can be segmented as:

Natural lubricants
Synthetic lubricants

On the basis of end use, the global firearm lubricants market can be segmented as:

Self defense
Security personnel

On the basis of form, the global firearm lubricants market can be segmented as:

Dry lubricants

Global Firearm Lubricant Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of regional perspective, the global firearm lubricant market is anticipated to be dominated by North America and Europe region. The region has witnessed rise in demand for firearms for professional as well as self-defense. U.S. is anticipated to hold noteworthy share in the global firearm lubricant market. Asia Pacific majorly China, South Korea, India are also projected to witness robust growth in demand for firearm lubricant. Japan is projected to witness significant demand for firearm lubricant. Other regions such as Latin America is anticipated to witness sluggish growth in demand for firearm lubricant. Middle East and Africa is also projected to witness significant demand for firearm lubricants

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Global Firearm Lubricant Market Participants

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of global Firearm Lubricant market are:

Remington Arms Company, LLC
Liberty Gun Lubricants
Militec, Inc.
FrogLube Products
Mil-Comm Products Company
Breakthrough Clean
Pantheon Enterprises
Muscle Products Corp. (MPC)
Otis Technology
MPT Industries
G96 Products Inc.
Dumonde Tech Design Group
The Safariland Group
Otis Technology
Lucas Oil Products, Inc.