Pescara, Italy – Abruzzo Villas, that manages Villa Adriatica, a well-known holiday villa in the Abruzzo region of Italy now becomes one of the Most Reviewed Vacation Rental Villas in Abruzzo. Because of its exclusive accommodation services and an unforgettable experience shared by the guests of the villa, Villa Adriatica has been considered as the most preferred self-catering accommodation villa in the Abruzzo region of Italy.
The dedicated customer services and the vision to provide a perfect vacation to its visitors have earned Abruzzo Villas popularity and is one of the most reviewed villas in the Abruzzo region of Italy. As per a survey of “Trip adviser”, the customer reviews and the ratings earned out of it are very significant for reputation of any business. According to the survey, 83% believes it’s significant when finding an accommodation, around 70% when choosing a restaurant and 58% when deciding on what attractions to visit. Thus, the number of guests that have left positive reviews has definitely contributed towards a strong reputation of the Villa’s popularity and meticulous hard work towards its customer’s utmost satisfaction and comfort.

Ms Daniela, the owner and manager of Villa Adriatica, dedicated this success of the villa to its visitors quoting, “It’s creating happy memories for our guests that makes what we work so hard for all the worthwhile”. She also shared that getting such great recognition for their hard-efforts has helped to boost their confidence. This, in turn, has made them more determined to continue providing the best possible stay for their visitors in one of the most beautiful locations of Italy; Abruzzo.

Being in the center of famous medieval destinations of the Abruzzo region, Villa Adriatica serves as a perfect accommodation for the people visiting Abruzzo and staying in Pescara where Villa Adriatica is positioned opens the access gateway to the magical and the most beautiful lands of Italy.

Various national parks, protected nature reserves, Apennines mountain peaks and the pristine beaches of Adriatic Sea are some of the most famous tourist destinations in the very close proximity of this self-catering accommodation in Abruzzo. The villa despite being in the lap of nature offers numerous modern facilities which include free Wi-Fi, fully equipped modern kitchen, comfortable rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a terrace where guests can dine “alfresco” while enjoying spectacular panoramic views.

If you too are looking forward for a relaxing vacation in the medieval towns of Abruzzo region, then make sure to book at Villa Adriatica, an excellent holiday accommodation in the Abruzzo region. The exclusive Abruzzo vacation rental villa is available to rent for all the occasions from winter to summer. To know more about where to stay in Abruzzo or to make your booking, visit their website now.

About Abruzzo Villas:
Abruzzo Villas manages Villa Adriatica, one of the most beautiful vacation rental villas in Abruzzo that can be booked online through This accommodation in Pescara Italy is located in Abruzzo Italy and amongst all rentals in Abruzzo and villas in Pescara, this exclusive Abruzzo accommodation offers an excellent location for travelers wishing to explore all the main interest points of the Abruzzo region. This Abruzzo self-catering accommodation also offers all the modern facilities and spectacular panoramic views of the Adriatic Coast, the Abruzzo mountain range and medieval towns. The outside terrace offers a large space to enjoy meals “al-fresco” while admiring beautiful views and sunsets. With all the vacation rentals in Abruzzo, this exclusive Villa is where to stay in Abruzzo as it places guests in a peaceful and private setting, all with close proximity to those wishing to visit the Apennines Mountains, beaches of blue Adriatic Sea and explore Italy’s most beautiful medieval villages, all thanks to the first-class arrangement and the caring staff.