Jalandhar-based sportswear manufacturer launches a catalogue of designs free for customized uniform buyers.

Punjab, India, 17th January, 2019

Custom clothing is a huge thing right now. Nearly every teenager who has a favorite band or a sense of humor or a pet liking have customized their shirt at least once since customization has been introduced. In casual clothing, it’s pretty big, but it’s even bigger in sportswear. There is much room for customization in sports uniforms and even club jerseys which often requires to bear a particular logo or a number. Gag Wears, one of the country’s Top American football Manufacturers of jerseys and sportswear now introduces free template designs for custom-order buyers.

In a recent event, the company announced that it has put together a design catalogue for all its buyers who are looking to customize their sports uniforms. All these designs have now been made available on the website on the customization page where buyers can take a quick browse through the available designs. All of the featured designs can be used to customize sports uniforms. One can also take a quick look for ideas and inspirations and come up with their own design, which they can upload on the custom-design page for printing. One of the country’s Australian rule football manufacturers of sports goods and wears, the company believe that this step will help them reach a larger audience. Lots of custom orders have flowed in since the designs have been made available for everybody’s use.

In addition to the designs, the company has also introduced door to door delivery service for small orders. Formerly, Gagwears used to deliver online orders of purchase over a certain sum to the buyers at their door. The service was then available only for big orders. For anything below that mark, delivery service was unavailable. That became a cause of grievance for small buyers. The problem has been fixed recently after the company partnered up with a renowned logistical partner. With their help, Gagwears now delivers all small and big orders to the doors of customers across Punjab, just like all other ace baseball manufacturers.

Aside from their prompt service, Gagwears is known for its premium quality goods. All its products are manufactured at Gagwears’ own facility. All products are designed by the in-house team of designers and tested for quality checking before they are inventoried. Like most top-notch futsal ball manufacturers in India, its product line is pretty extensive. In sports kit, it offers all sorts of balls namely, American football, Australian rule football, baseball, netball, futsball, soccer ball, rugby ball and vintage balls. In sports clothing too, their catalogue is quite inclusive. Sports bags of a large variety too are available at the online store of Gagwears. From backpacks to duffle bags, the store offers bags of all styles and capacities.

Gagwears is also planning to expand its inventory pretty soon, and is therefore making room for other kinds of sports equipment.