Today, with an increasing number of people following Buddhism, no wonder there is a greater demand for Buddhist gifts all over the world. Life is a Gift Shop offers you beautiful and meaningful gifts that cover an extensive array of beliefs, practices and traditions, all of which stem from the teachings of the Buddha and the interpretation of his words.

The Laughing Buddha Figurine or Lucky Buddha statue is also referred to as the Happy Buddha statue. It is actually a Hotei (how-tay). Life Is A Gift Shop carries the Cheering Hotei, which is not the same as the historic Buddha. The Sanskrit name for the Hotei is Maitreya (the future Buddha). Hotei is a folk legend fashioned after a Buddhist monk and Hotei are typically depicted as bald, smiling, big-bellied and carrying a bountiful cloth sack. Hotei is associated with good fortune, prosperity and contentment. Taoism in Japan includes the Hotei as one of the Seven Lucky gods. This blanc-de-Chine porcelain figurine measures 4 inches high by 6.5 inches wide by 3 inches deep.

Life is a Gift Shop also has hand-carved boxwood Buddha beads inspired by the antique Japanese Ojime. Ojime are the sliding beads on the cord of the Inro Box. Geishas carried an Inro Box to hold their money and personal necessities. An Ojime bead is a Japanese bead or geisha bead that was used with an Inro box and a netsuke bead.

Kwan Yin Statue in Prayer is cast in white porcelain and is breathtaking. She is the Goddess of mercy and compassion. The Kwan Yin in Prayer statue measures 9-1/2 inches high by 6 inches wide by 5-1/2 inches deep. Kwan Yin has her own silk-covered storage box.

Kuan Yin Goddess Standing Figure Holding A Water Container is a traditional pose which represents her spirit of charity, giving and relieving the thirst of her devotees. The figure is a drip fountain. You fill the dragon mouth with water and turn the figure upside down to circulate the water to the head of the figure.

Buddha head statue is the ultimate symbol of divinity. Looking at a Buddha statue from Life is a Gift Shop serves to remind devotees of the feeling of looking into the very face of Divinity. The aura generated around one’s self from time spent gazing upon the figurine, statue or impression generates a greater awareness of the Divinity within.

The spokesperson at says, “We also offer all kinds of New Age and spiritual gifts. Some of the gifts may seem obscure or random and maybe they are, but many times it is because we love the artist or the artisans behind the items, such as a group of women in India who have been shunned by their communities because they are divorced or widowed.”

About Life is a Gift Shop:

Life is a Gift Shop is your one-stop shop for versatile spiritual gifts, spiritual stones, porcelains statues such as the bone china Buddha statue, pyramid power kits, sandalwood mala bracelet, gemstone mala beads, butterfly jewelry, butterfly necklace and butterfly earrings. The team at Life is a Gift Shop would be delighted to help you choose crystals, an accompanying card, an appropriately humorous prayer candle, or a specific piece of jewelry or other unique gift that add joy to everyday living.