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One of the main aims of physiotherapy is to restore function and mobility after injury, illness or surgery. This enables people to live independently when this would otherwise be not possible.
IHHC`s customized physiotherapy programs specialize in providing advanced physiotherapy expertise and care to patients in their own homes. IHHC`s program provides a protocol-based care plan, administered by highly qualified physiotherapists, at a time most convenient to the patient. Their physiotherapists help patients regain mobility by assessing, diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions – such as back pain, paralysis, sports injuries, neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, joint disorders and postsurgical cases.
IHHC`s in-home physiotherapy service is becoming increasingly popular with patients who have limited mobility and are in pain as a result of their condition. IHHC`s one-on-one care, client specific exercise programs and pain management treatment plans have made it a very popular physiotherapy service provider in India.
People suffering from pain, lack of mobility, or want to improve their quality of life, can contact IHHC for help. Their aim is to get patients back to full health and functional mobility as quickly as possible. IHHC`s goal is always to provide cost-effective services that maximize self-reliance and the patient’s quality of life.