CHANGE. These five letter words have become a nerve point of every business today as only those enterprises which have adapted themselves to the varied circumstances witness growth. Today’s business strategies and plans are highly dynamic in nature which carry considerable scope of amending things as per the need of the hour. Businesses have considered the change in trend and have adopted message marketing as their prime mobile marketing tool. Take a look at the unique ways of using SMPP Server API:

1.SMS Polling:

No matter what the size of the business is, it requires constant updations in terms of regional knowledge, public choices, current trends, etc. These updates are considered as very crucial in terms of framing business policies and finalizing business plans. Bulk message service has proven to be very effective for businesses to remain updated constantly. One of the very effective modes is SMS polling by way of which any business can connect with its audience to get the crucial insights from the market and thereby strategize business policies out of it. SMS polling is often used by various enterprises, politicians/political organizations, restaurants, educational institutions, not for profit making organizations, etc. to derive crucial information from their target audience. For example, a politician or a political party can use SMS polling to know about the perceptions of voters in a particular constituency. Besides, the problems/requirements of a particular booth, choice of constituents regarding which candidate is most appropriate for them, etc. significant information can be obtained using SMS polling. In this way, any of the enterprise or organization can use message polling to gain necessary insights.

2.Two-factor authentication:

Message service serves as the basis of two-factor authentication for many online services especially e-commerce and internet banking. We all have become obsessed with the messages we see on our mobile after entering into any monetary transaction. Such messages do not only inform us but also serve as substantial evidence of the transaction we are entering into. Besides, many other security steps like password verification, sending of OTP’s, etc. are the steps where bulk message service serve as the primary requirement of a particular enterprise.

3.Spreading awareness:

Bulk message service has become a great tool to send:

This fact itself demonstrates the effectiveness of bulk message service that 90% of the text messages are read within three minutes. Such efficient success rate has made bulk message service a valuable tool to disseminate any kind of messages at large. Apart from business messages, many organizations are using message services to send such messages which create awareness and thereby improves lives. Today blood donation drives, precautionary measures, social awareness drive, etc. are being carried effectively using message services.

4.Integration of bulk message with email marketing:

With more than 90% open rate message marketing has been serving as a prime mobile marketing tool. Such great efficiency has induced marketers to integrated message marketing into their email campaigns. This exercise not only ensures quick and easy dissemination of business message but it also strengthens digital leads. The URL link can be sent with the message which promotes website traffic and generates leads.

5.Discharging social responsibility:

Needless to discuss the importance of the social obligations of any enterprise. Those enterprises who always give due emphasis to social obligations while preparing organizational objectives have found to create a long-lasting impact of their brands. Message service has emerged up as an effective tool to discharge social obligations where consumers can be given a platform to resolve their grievances and share their feedback to improve services.

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