Stumbelbloc is a revolutionary product that was developed with the aim of providing a quick and affordable construction solution. Striving to aid construction so that people with limited resources and skills can also build their dream home, Andre Esterhuizen started to experiment with different types of concrete. With his experience and extensive experimentation, the unique Stumbelbloc and plastic mould were born.

Changing the face of construction in South Africa, the block has earned immense recognition in the country. Following its success in South Africa, the revolutionary product is now ready to step out into the worldwide market.

Stumbelbloc Plastic Mould:

The Stumbelbloc plastic mould has empowered people to build without having any special skills. Using the mould, one can easily create interlocking, hollow core blocks on-site by themselves. The process is very simple and can be executed by basic manual power, without any need for external power. The entire process of building the block is completed within 48 hours, which is faster than most of the popular conventional construction methods.

Building the blocks on-site reduces the cost of transportation and the elimination of external energy requirements minimise the carbon footprint. The Stumbelbloc has in fact succeeded in empowering local communities by basing their economy around the manufacture of these blocks.

Stumbelbloc Building Blocks:

The blocks created using the Stumbelbloc moulds are interlocking, featuring a hollow core. These blocks being self-aligning and self-levelling in nature make the construction process quick and easy. Building walls, houses, sheds etc with these blocks is as easy as stacking kid’s blocks.

Using the blocks, a structure of roof height can be easily built within a single day. The structures built with the blocks are characterised by great strength and can take full load bearing immediately.

What is further notable about these blocks is the speed at which they can be manufactured. An average labour without any skills can manufacture about 64 blocks daily, using only traditional methods. With some basic tools, four labourers can create up to 250 blocks in a day.

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About Us:
Andre Esterhuizen developed the Stumbelbloc Plastic mould and block to facilitate an easy, quick and affordable construction. Having been a part of the construction industry for a long time, Andre recognised the pressing need for a building solution that is both simple and affordable. After much experimentation for three years, he was able to offer the Stumbelbloc solution. The block enables people with limited skills and means to construct their homes in a cost-effective way.

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