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REI Holdings is a leading Real Estate Investing Company which provides Tax lien investing service to the interested investors. They are one of the largest sources for secondary market of Tax lien certificates that make them as a number one Premier company for Small Cap investors to start their real estate investment. Edward Stewart and Joshua Carr are the founders of this company and have years of experience in real estate investment and financial advice.

Tax Lien Investing

Real Estate investment is a vast industry, predominantly operated by large level institutional investors, hedge funds, brokers and many more. And for the small-cap investors and individuals was made difficult in investing tax liens. Without any prior knowledge and communication to the market, individual investors can face difficulties in finding a tax lien certificate to start a tax lien investment career.

With years of experience in the real estate investment process and industry, REI Holdings has gained access to the nation’s biggest retail marketplace of Primary tax lien certificates. The exclusive connections with large institutional investors, hedge funds, banks, and brokers had made them attain the position where they are now. Their process starts by buying large tax liens certificate records from the secondary markets through various parties. And then divide the large tax lien certificates into chunks and sell to the consulting individuals and small-cap investors.

Purchasing Process

At REI Holdings every client is assigned with a Portfolio Manager and a Personal Account Manager. The Role of Portfolio Manager is to interview the client to know about their needs and recommend them with the best Tax lien certificates for investment. They look upon different kinds of criteria to help their client to pick the right tax lien certificate. After the client is satisfied with the tax lien assessment, they will need to sign an agreement and then they start getting the profits of their investments.

About REI Holdings

REI Holdings is a Utah based Real Estate Agency, which helps in tax lien investing process for Small cap investors. With years of experience, systems, and connections, they strive to offer the best concierge service in tax lien investment for individuals and provide profitable tax lien certificates to start their career. They have a large inventory with tax lien certificates of properties like a storefront, apartment buildings, single family residential and many more. For more information, visit

2912 Executive Parkway Suite 120
Lehi, Utah 84043