A majority of people tend to think that brushing their teeth gets rid of all the oral hygiene problems for them. Conversely, what they do not know is that brushing teeth is not an all-in-one solution for the oral health issues. Apart from toothpaste, there are several other things that you should consider. And one of the most important among the rest is mouthwash.
Read on to learn more about mouthwash, its benefits and how to use them:

1. Reduce Dental Cavities
Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash and one that is ADA approved helps to reduce the risk of getting dental cavities. Cavities are one of the main oral concerns and fluoride is one of the most effective ways of cutting down on cavities and demineralization of teeth. Therefore, it is recommended that you make regular use of mouthwash as part of your routine oral care to avoid any surprise cavities during your next dental visit.

2. Freshens your Breath
Fresh breath is the most common use of mouthwash. Rinsing with mouthwash gives you a fresh breath that not even your toothpaste can give. It kills all the bacteria that lead to bad breath hence leaving your mouth with a sweet and cooling breathe. However, this fresh breath does not last for a long time. Also, the good part about mouthwashes is that they come in a wide variety of flavours. Therefore, you can purchase any flavour that you like most.

3. Whitens your Teeth
As much as you cannot compare the effects of mouthwash with teeth whitening treatment, one benefit that you can accrue from it is that it can whiten your teeth over time. So, if you are looking to have whiter teeth, go for a mouthwash that has hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as an ingredient.

4. Cures Canker Sores
Canker sores are mouth ulcers, and with regular use of mouthwash in your oral care routine, you can get rid of them within a short period.

How to Use Mouthwash Properly:
If you wish to add mouthwash to your oral care routine, you will benefit the most from the product if you use it appropriately. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your mouthwash.

1. Use the right amount
Use the amount of mouthwash that is indicated on the label or as directed by your dentist.
2. Swish Vigorously for 30 seconds
Rinsing vigorously will ensure that the rinse comes into contact with all the areas of your teeth.
3. Spit
Do not swallow that mouthwash. The fluoride in the rinse can be toxic when swallowed in large quantities.
4. Wait
Wait for 30 minutes before you can eat, drink or smoke, so that you do not wash off the fluoride. Therefore, you’ll get the most benefit from your fluoride mouthwash.

Bottom Line
While mouthwash is a great way to enhance your oral hygiene, visiting your dentist is important for advanced care for your teeth. Contact or schedule an appointment with our dentist in Keysborough to find out how we can enhance and maintain your beautiful smile.