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Software and hardware developers are under constant pressure to make their technologies secure by design, rather than only thinking about security as something that gets tacked on later after everything else is complete. Some of the most vulnerable devices end up being embedded systems, such as IoT smart devices, which often have a single purpose but still handle sensitive data. As such, TLS security is something that every device that transmits digital information should have. wolfSSL is designed to make that a reality without the common complications associated with integrating additional software libraries with firmware and other software.

What makes wolfSSL unique is that it offers a lightweight solution that uses up as little in the way of computing resources as possible without compromising on security. It’s a mere twentieth of the size of OpenSSL, with the LeanPSK version taking up only 20 kb. Nonetheless, even this most lightweight embedded TLS library still contains a full TLS client and server that adheres to all the current industry standards. Written in ANSI C, it is designed for use in embedded devices, real-time operating systems and resource-constrained environments. It also supports progressive ciphers like ChaCha20, Blake2b, NTRU and Curve25519.

Supporting a wide range of host programming languages out of the box, including C, C#, Perl and Java, wolfSSL is ready for the international and multi-platform environment. Even for those whose host platforms are not officially supported, developers may instead opt for an extended support package to find a solution that suits their specific needs. You can find further details at .