6 Design Tips to Work on During Holidays

Getting stuck in designer’s block is easy. When designing for a specific niche, your work starts looking the same. But, do not worry, you can easily add a work dimension to break the same design patterns by following these 6 amazing design tips, highlighted by the
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Take Cues by Studying Design Theory

You may know all the basics, but it is not bad to hit the books again for some inspiration when stuck. You may be surprised at finding many new learning points. You can get into design without a degree, however, properly understanding the concepts and fundamentals such as colour theory, grid theory, golden ratio and typography is critical. From fulltime University Degrees to short courses and even online learning, the options are endless. Learn to have grip on the design software to bring ideas to life.
2) Learn From Feedback
Learning from feedback is one of the most emotionally draining things. It is important to improve on your creative skills. Positive feedback certainly makes you happy but it will not help you grow the way, criticism does. You can share your designs on Behance, Dribble or even Facebook to get feedback from friends and colleagues. Write a message such as “ Do you think i have satisfied the design brief” instead of writing a general question like, “what do you think.”
You can also reverse engineer the process by giving your feedback on other designs and then apply the same critical eye to your designs for improvement.
3) Keep on Working on Something New from Time to Time

Working on the same niche will wane out your skills and work enthusiasm. However, you can still motivate yourself to learn new things by working on a side project from time to time. Learning new skills become easy when you are working on a personal project without the need of a formal study.
4) Learn to Experiment with Your Designs
Experimentation is key to learning new ideas and skills. Instead of using the same colors, fonts, software and layout in every design, mix up different elements and try something new for a different look and feel. Throw in different font styles, Learn new design software. Use Illustration instead of an image. Working on different design elements will also help you identify the weaker elements of your creative skills
5) Take Inspiration from The Other Designers

Interaction and engagement with other designers is a great way to learn. But, this can become difficult. You may be the only designer in the company or a freelancer who works from home. However, there are ways through which you can engage with other designers to get feedback on your work. Engage with similar designers through Social Media or portfolio sites such as Behance. Collaborate on a project and attend different meetups, conferences and events. You will be surprised by the number of designers you will come across through this process that will help you to grow your creative skills.

6) Remake Designs

Find interesting design pieces and work on them. Try to redesign and rework on the samples to explore the new design dimensions. Take a step back and figure out the design principles for creating the original design.