The city of dreams, it’s perpetual faith in Lord Ganesha, and it’s fervour for this festival, tune-in to HISTORY TV18 this January on 28th,2019 at 9:00PM

India, 28th January 2018: ‘Ganpati BappaMorya’ this is not just a ringing that one overhears in the city of dreams- Mumbai each season but is the propeller that Mumbaikars have a strong faith in. This January, your favorite HISTORY TV18 will take you to Mumbai with MUMBAI-CITY OF GANESHA where unwavering faith in Lord Ganesha, the granter of all wishes is the driving force, for the strugglers, the celebrities.. the penniless.

An exclusive one-hour long episode will be dedicated to the undying spirit, the mammoth-scale preparations and how just one festival Ganeshotsav can unite the humans of this city of dreams. The special film will have noted mythologist Dev dutt Pattanaik who will unravel this mystery of legends around Lord Ganesha, and how and when he became the most versatile and lovable Gods in Hindu culture. The episode will see him telling details of the popular cultures and how each one has a connotation of Ganesha in some way or the other.

Not just this, MUMBAI-CITY OF GANESHA will be showing the super-sized preparations for the biggest festivals of the city. Right from creating gigantic idols, to lavish and stunning pandals, to some unusual sized modaks as the offering to the city’s most favorite and adorable Gods. Ganpati like Lalbaugh cha Raja, Chinchpokli cha Chintamani, the episode will closely follow the making, the grand installations (sthapna) and the immersions.

The film is a celebration of ordinary people, their dreams, their faith and beliefs and how they feel the power of miracle is the what drives them each day. How this busy and buzzing city comes to a halt and each individual is soaked in the flavor of divine carnival.

Catch this delightful episode of MUMBAI-CITY OF GANESHA on HISTORY TV18 on 28th Jan, 2019 at 9:00PM