Did you know that ancient principles of ayurveda recommend a program of internal cleansing at every change of seasons? It is a detoxification to clear the channels of the body of toxins that may have built up over the previous season. Detox procedure is particularly recommended each spring, because in the spring, your body’s natural cleansing and rejuvenating mechanisms get geared up to tune in with all of nature.

Detox Corps Mental is a complete Ayurvedic detoxification practice that involves three phases — preparation, cleansing and post-cleansing. For a comprehensive idea about Ayurvedic cleansing, you can consult a yoga guru Dr. Yogeet Kapoor with immense experience in the field and leading the team at L’essencce for providing the right treatment according to one’s constitution. You can visit L’essencce Holistique center of ayurveda that offers holistic healing methods.

The L’essencce Holistique center of ayurveda is known for its detox treatments using traditional and authentic Ayurveda treatments and herbal oils. In addition, one can also indulge in yoga sessions and massage therapy, thus completing the total wellness experience.

Detox Switzerland at L’essencce is focused on removing deep rooted illnesses and stress that are cause toxins in the body. Panchakarma while removing these toxins balances the body doshas (energies that govern all biological functions).

L’essencce Holistique center of ayurveda Switzerland works on values that say, “Our philosophy is rooted in, and respectful of the traditions of Ayurveda while adapting to a modern, everyday life. We strive to transmit this ancestral philosophy through our classes, treatments, consultations and conferences.”

About L’essencce:
L’essencce Holistique center of ayurveda is dedicated to those searching for peace, harmony and wellbeing. While offering different Ayurvedic consultations, treatments, massages and wellness program the center provides Ayurvedic training for the aspirants. L’essencce is fast gaining popularity in the present day for committed by Acharya Dr. Yogeet Kapoor MD Co-Founder and Director of L’essencce Holistique center of ayurveda. For more details visit our website http://lessencce.com/the-ultimate-mind-body-detox/