Be Unique Hospitality
Office No. 72, Oasis Centre Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, U.A.E

Tel: +971 4 380 1057

All restaurants want to grab the attention of their target audience, but achieving this feat is not always easy. With so many restaurants out there serving similar cuisines, there is ample choice for diners. For restaurants to be known, they also need to have a recognised brand. Be Unique Hospitality creates compelling restaurant brands to intrigue, excite and engage diners by designing a restaurant concept that is unique and driven and one that captures the imagination of people.

What restaurants need is something tangible and this is what restaurant consultants in Dubai are capable of achieving. They will showcase the marketable points with a unique stand out and then articulate the dining experience that is manifested in the menu. “When it comes to restaurant competition, everything must stand out”, says the Director of Be Unique Hospitality. Diners are drawn to unique restaurants that offer something new but exciting that will keep their attention on the long-term.

Be Unique Hospitality focuses on long-term growth, and restaurants, whether new or established that want to experience newness with their branding in the New Year will receive a complete branding service.

Restaurant consultants in Dubai believe that brand identity must be combined with authenticity and consistency in order to create a unique branding experience. They will plan every element of the brand from the menu, takeaway, signage, seating to point of sale. The professional team at Be Unique Hospitality will inject their creativity at every step of the branding concept that will add value to the restaurant as a whole.

A restaurant brand does not just look visually pleasing but communicates a message to its diners. This message will create engagement that will lead to brand loyalty and sales.

About Us
DB Hospitality is a high level restaurant consultancy firm in the U.A.E and Asia with decades of experience in helping turn the tide of restaurant profitability. We have worked with diverse clients from all walks of life, and specialize in offering practical solutions to bars, spas, hotels, cafes and restaurants. We are there from beginning to end in the successful turnaround of an old restaurant or the starting point of a new restaurant. Our work has involved writing the business plan, designing the restaurant concept, menu engineering and all the way to recruitment and implementation. For more information, visit our website at