Elsinore Wedding is one of the best wedding planners in Denmark. They have helped many foreign couples to get married in Denmark with their wedding services. The spokesperson of the company has shared more details on how to get married in Denmark.

As per the shared details, Danish authority let any couple with any nationality, race and gender to get married in Denmark. This is a civil ceremony of the wedding, which takes place at one of the wedding locations available in the Denmark based on the choice of the couple. The couple also gets a legal Apostille wedding certificate for their wedding. This wedding certificate is available in 5 different languages and it is valid in almost all countries.

To guide couples that want to get married in Denmark, the Elsinore Wedding shared complete details on the process one need to follow which is briefed below:

• The couple first needs to collect all required documents. The list of required documents is shared on the official website of Elsinore Wedding. All these documents need to be submitted to the Danish Authority for approval. The process of document approval after submission to the Danish Authority may take time of one week.

• Once the documents are approved by the Danish authority, the couple can get married in Denmark in a civil ceremony at any chosen wedding location.

• At end of the wedding the couple will get a wedding certificate from the Danish authority. This wedding certificate needs to be Apostille to legalize it for the use outside Denmark.

That is the process of getting married in Denmark. As per the shared details, the wedding process in Denmark is easy and fast. It takes 20 – 30 minutes for the whole process, but legal formalities such as, document verification, Apostille of the wedding certificate, etc. take more time. After the wedding process, couple get enough time at the destination location to have photographs and enjoy some great moments such as, having a toast after the wedding.
“The process of getting married in Denmark is swift. Of course, there are some legal processes to take care of and has to be taken care of, but when you hire a wedding planner like us, we take care of the rest. All the couple does is enjoying their wedding. We do all paperwork, arrangements of wedding, etc.”, shared spokesperson of Elsinore Wedding.

About Elsinore Wedding

It is a wedding service provider for foreign couples that want to get married in Denmark. They are based in Elsinore city of Denmark and provide LGBT wedding, romantic wedding and other types of wedding services to the foreign couples. To know more about them, please visit https://elsinorewedding.com/