The “Last Honest Pizza Franchise” brand in the U.S. helps food entrepreneurs start their own pizza business that delivers quality products and service. The brand provides training and support.

[Atlanta, 1/25/2019] – Round Table Pizza offers franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start a venture in the food industry. The pizza brand has been in the industry for nearly 60 years and remains consistent in providing authentic flavor, quality ingredients, and excellent customer service.

A Reputable Business Model

According to Round Table Pizza, the pizza industry in the United States and worldwide is thriving. The company cites that industry sales could increase up to 7.39 percent by 2020. This shows that owning a pizza franchise can be a rewarding investment.

Round Table Pizza franchise is open to potential investors both in the U.S. and abroad. The brand looks for individuals who can carry its passion into their own markets.

Moreover, the franchise is available in different units: Traditional restaurants, Round Table Clubhouses, or delivery/carryout only locations. Each unit offers distinct advantages that help investors explore the industry.

The brand provides its customers with premium versions of classic pizza favorites, Maui Zaui, King Arthur’s Supreme, and Montague’s All Meat Marvel. It has created more than 30 combinations with new twists that satisfy the diner’s pizza cravings.

Helping Franchisees Thrive in the Industry

Round Table Pizza sees its franchisees as a vital ingredient of the brand’s success. That is why it provides the necessary training and support to help them succeed in the industry. The team stays by the franchisee’s side, seeing them throughout each step of their journey.

Owners of multiple units also receive appropriate levels of support and training. Round Table Pizza designs special courses to teach multi-unit owners how to have several restaurants at one time. These courses also cover how to delegate, supervise, and develop talent that allows managers to operate a unit independently.

Round Table Pizza notes, “Franchisees love us because ours is a proven concept with plenty of open territories, market recognition, and accessible investments for everyone from owner-operators to empire-builders.”

About Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza has been in the industry since 1959. Since then, the brand remains “The Last Honest Pizza.” The team is passionate about providing superior products and excellent service. It focuses on bringing families closer together through its commitment to quality, innovation, and heritage.

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