AOL which stands for “America Online” is a digital media company that has developed and maintains multiple online businesses including websites, a search engine, Internet connectivity, email service and more. AOL Mail, also called AIM Mail which stands for “American Instant Messenger”, is a recent development in America Online’s long (by Internet standards) history. AOL has always offered e-mail service, but only to its paying customers and only through its proprietary, all-in-one software package. However, in the spring of 2005, AOL launched its first free Webmail service, known as AOL Mail.
How to fix AOL Mail Sign-in Issues?
1. If you have some common issues with AOL mail restart your system at least once to get fix this troubleshooting.
2. Get login your AOL mail into another browser.
3. It might be an issue of your Display name so kindly check your display name.
4. Clear your browsing history or cache from your web browser.
5. Disable pop-up blocking software.
6. Disable firewall using McAfee Internet Security Suite.